​​​​As a new parent, I remember the enterprise of obtaining qualified care for our young son. Looking back, we were blessed to have people alongside who allied with him and modeled appropriate behaviors.  Not only were they excellent caregivers who devoted the attention to him that we would give if there, but they also brought complementary talents and exceptional attributes that rounded out our family circle.​​

​As a childcare specialist, I understand the promise of encouraging experiential care for children irrespective of their age.  All that precedes has taught me that early is forever, reading opens doors, and secure relationships raise resilient kids.  In practical terms, I know the grown-up child who will one day return to greet you is already here, and they are counting on us to fill their hours with the best we can manage every day.

Welcome.  I am Deborah, The Green Room Nanny.



Strategic Sourcing Manager
ON Semiconductor

A global "Fortune 1000" corporation headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona
operating in key markets throughout North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific regions.

Several job descriptions and designations fill my professional career, but the current title of "Nanny" is mine by choice. My devotion to this vocation is two-fold as it enables me to pledge committed childcare to busy parents who are balancing work and family while playing a meaningful role in the life experiences of their children. 

​​"Trustworthy, reliable and caring!  I had zero concern when it came to entrusting our little girl to Miss Debbie's care.  She helped me tremendously in managing the daily routine and schedule, especially when I had to travel for work.  She is absolutely wonderful with kids."​