We will watch faces, learn voices, develop appetites, follow noses, and hold hands.  We will memorize your favorite sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and touches. We will understand whenever you are hungry or satisfied, tired or energetic, and upset or content.  I will answer your requests for assistance and entreaties for independence, and always accept you with open arms.

The two thousand plus days that begin with conception and continue through a child's fifth year have been determined as significant for investment in their development.  This fixed term yields precious time for the accumulation of personal capital on which they will draw for the remainder of their life.  Fortunately, the relationships established between children and their caregivers during these first years afford multiple opportunities for enrichment.

Hello Mr. Strawberry

We will talk about the many people you know, the different clothes you wear, and the special place you reside.  We will speak of thoughts, feelings, colors, shapes, plants, and animals.  We will confer on airplanes and weather, numbers and sport, letters and word, instruments and music, tools and construction, schedules and time, recipes and fruit, and much more.  You and I will say "hello" with aloha, hola, hallo, bonjour, ciao, ni hao, konnichiwa, and hujambo.

​You Are Not The Boss Of Me

We will recognize your unique personhood as you strive victoriously over each stage of growth. We will kindly promote your good behavior over bad, gently ask you to use your words, and always prompt you to think before you do.  I will be a safe harbor for you, pointing you in the right direction and removing you from danger thereby building your patience to cope effectively with challenging circumstances.

Practice Makes Perfect

We will mark your schedule with predictable cues each day.  We will balance your activity with relaxed quiet time and boost your nutrition with regular physical exercise.  We will repeat your preferred refrains and productive habits while rehearsing cumulative skills before you have to perform them alone. I will applaud your efforts, urge you to try again, and express relentless confidence in your abilities.

Story Time

We will build your parade of books every day and unearth bountiful bonanzas within their pages.  In the beginning, we can "Pat The Bunny," say "Goodnight Moon," and go home with the "Ten Little Ladybugs." Later, we may "Number The Stars," find "Where The Red Fern Grows," and cross the "Bridge To Terabithia." No matter the moment, you will be my abiding "Snuggle Puppy" who celebrates "Happy Pig Day!"​

For Children

Scaled for age appropriateness,

the "how" of care begins with the implementation of the following practices:

Let's Play

We will investigate what excites your interest and kindles your imagination.  We will tell timeless stories with vibrant talented actors and make art history with colorful mixed media.  We will employ a variety of methods to count, measure, match, and sort all manner of items by their size, shape, color, and pattern. I will encourage you to pretend, compose, and construct to enhance your social, verbal, and visual-spatial capabilities.