Inspire creative play and safe exploration

We will investigate what interests you and kindles your imagination.  We will tell stories and draw on large pieces of paper with crayons, markers, paints and stickers.  We will employ a variety of manners and methods to count, measure, match, sort and order by size, shape, color, pattern, set and group.  We will pretend pastimes, construct block towers and compose melodies, all of which will enhance your social, verbal, and visual-spatial capabilities.

Provide warm and loving responses

We will hold hands and rock, sing songs and listen, and watch faces and smile.  We will attune ourselves to your favorite sights, sounds, smells, touches and tastes. We will react whenever you are hungry or satisfied, tired or energetic, and upset or content.  I will answer your requests for assistance and entreaties for independence, and will always accept you with open arms.

The period from conception to age five, little more than two thousand days, is often referred to as the investment phase of a child’s development.  Insufficient by measure, when we appraise the compounding of personal capital on which they will bank for the remainder of their lives.  Fortunately, the relationships between children and their caregivers in these first years afford multiple opportunities for enrichment.

Engage in conversations

We will talk about the many people you know, the different clothes you wear, and the special place you reside.  We will discuss feelings and time, shapes and color, and animals and sound.  We will confer on airplanes and weather, numbers and sport, and letters and music.  We will converse about tools and dance, recipes and fruit, and much more.  We will say hello, aloha, hola, hallo, bonjour, ciao, ni hao, konnichiwa, and hujambo.

​Discipline with compassion

We will recognize that you are a unique person who must surmount big and small challenges daily to feel better about yourself.  We will promote your good behavior over bad, ask you to use your words, and prompt you to think before you do.  I will be a safe harbor for you, pointing you in the right direction and removing you from danger, so that you can heighten your capacity to distinguish both and cope effectively with difficult circumstances.

Institute routines

We will prepare for your meal and sleep intervals using the same cues each day.  We will steady your requirement for stimulating activities with restful quiet. We will boost your proper nutrition with regular physical exercise.  We will repeat your preferred refrains and productive habits.  We will rehearse progressive skills before you need to perform them alone.  I will applaud your efforts, urge you to try again, and express relentless confidence in your abilities.

Read early and often

We will build your book reviews every day.  We will unearth bountiful bonanzas within their pages.  In the beginning, we can Pat The Bunny, say Goodnight Moon, and go home with the Ten Little Ladybugs.  Later, we may Number The Stars, find Where The Red Fern Grows, and cross the Bridge To Terabithia.  No matter the moment, you will be my abiding Snuggle Puppy.

For Children



The Green Room Nanny implements the following care practices: